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QPSMR Classic downloads

See also User resources for macros to format tables in Microsoft Excel.

These programs can be downloaded and used free of charge, provided they are used to access files generated from someone with a valid
QPSMR licence.

For computers not connected to the Internet use this download and select “Save” (not “Run”) to save the Windows Installer Input.msi file to disk.  This file can then be copied to and installed on the computer.


For CAPI input you are recommended to use the Companion Input program instead which is available for Windows and Android.

Free to use for paper and CAPI input.  Not for telephone interviewing.

Please download the latest (first) version below unless instructed otherwise by your supplier.

Note that there is an Android version of input available at:


Version 2020.1

Download 64 bit Input 2020.1m software

Download 32 bit Input 2020.1m software 

Version 2019.2

Download 64 bit Input 2019.2t software

Download 32 bit Input 2019.2t software 

Version 2019.1

Download 64 bit Input 2019.1h software

Download 32 bit Input 2019.1h software 

QPSMR Reflect

Free to use on data files produced by a valid QPSMR licence (Companion, CATI, Insight, or CL).

This program has been replaced by Companion Reflect which is also free to use, and can be downloaded from:

Reflect files produced by 2018.1 and above produce .qrfx files instead of .qrf files.  Companion Reflect can be used with both old (qrf) and new (qrfx) databases.

Classic Version 2019.2

These links download the old Classic QPSMR Reflect programs which should no longer be used:

Download 64 bit Reflect 2019.2t software

Download 32 bit Reflect 2019.2t software