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Licenced data entry system for telephone interviewing.  Telin can be used with QPSMR Companion, Insight, or CATI.

It also includes all the facilities of QPSMR Input for other types of data entry, see Input.

If you would like a copy of the QPSMR Telin software, please contact your dealer or the authors.

Modes of input

  • Paper mode for input from questionnaires or other documents
  • Direct input by interviewers, for example in hall tests
  • CAPI
  • In-house email surveys
  • Telephone interviewing input
  • CATI input

Key Benefits

  • Automatic collection of interview details (date, time, station and so on)
  • Handles appointments and partially completed interviews
  • Issues sample data records (CATI only)
  • Uses quota control files (CATI only)