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Companion web manual

For full information about the Companion program:

Web manual, introduction section

For a full list of changes in recent versions:

Recent enhancements

User resources

For more information on the Companion program and useful downloads, please see:

User resources

Recent changes

For details about recent enhancements:

Web manual, release details section

For general news about the company and recently reported problems:

NetMR News

Screen captures

To see pictures of the Companion's most important windows, with a brief description of their usage, please see:

Companion user guides


For the Companion's QDF and QTF layouts, please see:

Companion QDF layout

Companion QTF layout

Tables CSV layout


Classic programs

To see QPSMR Classic programs (CL, Reflect, Insight, CATI and Telin) manuals and other documentation, please see:

Classic documentation

See also the Companion information for Classic users:

Companion web manual, Classic users section

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