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Extended QPSMR Companion facilities

The extended version has all the standard version facilities plus:

Block paste special

Whole sets of entries can be renamed and definitions updated using the [Block] selection from the Paste special dialog box.

This is useful for product tests where lots of entries are repeated for each product.

Block update responses

This menu item is used to update a lot of single-coded or multi-coded entries at the same time:

Supplemental reject responses

These can be added to, or removed from, all the selected entries.

The response text for added reject responses can be set and you can choose to also set the "Suppress if empty" option.


This can be used to remove the "Refuse input" setting from all responses that have allocated text in the selected entries.

It can also be used to add the "Refuse input" setting to all responses that have no text allocated in the selected entries.

Score values

For all similar selected entries, you can add score values to the responses.

This is useful for banks of rating scales which have the same response lists.

Summary rows

This can be used to add summary rows to a block of variables simultaneously.  It is especially useful for adding top two, bottom two and similar rows to rating scales.

Applied filters block update

This is used to apply the same filter(s) to all of the selected entries simultaneously.

It can also be used to remove a filter from all of the selected entries.

Raw CSV file extract

From the "Raw CSV file view" window you can [Edit] [Extract part of view] to obtain part of the data from a CSV file.

The extracted data can then be saved to another file, copied to the clipboard, or further extractions can be made.

The original file is not altered; a copy of the relevant data is used.

You can:

  • Choose to extract only rows that contain a certain value in a particular column
  • Sort the rows on a particular column
  • Exclude all columns that begin with a certain character or string of characters
  • Select one or more individual columns to extract
  • Remove all duplicate rows from the extracted data

The extracted data is shown in a new "Raw CSV file view" window.

You can do further extractions from the data in the new window

Raw data file repair and add serial

From the "Raw data view" window you can select [Collate] [Tidy collated file or change serial numbers] to get to the "Raw data tidy" dialog box.

This dialog box has facilities to:

  • Change faulty serial numbers
  • Add missing cards for data in card format
  • Change duplicate serial numbers
  • Allocate new serial numbers
  • Make new serial numbers by combining two separate integers