The QPSMR Companion program and manuals are available from this website.

Latest release

Version 2019.2 is ready for download.

See Web manual, release details section for details.

Secure installation

You can use a ClickOnce install to download the Companion (64 bit only).  This should not need supervisor permissions, see separate website:

Known problems

In the Companion:

There was a problem reading CSV data, please use 2019.2.8.3 or above.

There was a problem creating a Reflect database from CSV data. Please use 2019.2.5.6 or above.

There was a problem with significance markers missing on mean scores on DBL (weighted) stats only tables with format ESS (default).  Please use 2019.2.4.2 or above.

There was a problem with single sheet tables being very slow.  Please use 2019.1.16 or above.

There was a problem with tables using NPTR, please use 2019.1.15 or above.

There was a problem with overlay tables, please use 2019.1.15 or above.

Grid tables were not setting format NPTC.  Please use 2018.2.22 or above.

There was a problem cancelling tables file opens.  Please use 2018.2.21 or above.

There was a rare problem with unweighted tables using integers as rows with list all rows in early 2018.2 versions. Please use 2018.2.19 or above.

There was a problem pasting tables. Please use 2018.2.18 or above.

If using named random entries please use 2018.2.17 or above.

Companion Input had a problem with questions with a supplemental reject response.  Please use 2018.2.14 or above.

There was a problem with tables using format HAL (topline tables). Please use 2018.1.40 or above.

There was a problem running a QTF in a different folder to the QDF.  Please use 2018.1.39 or above.

There was a problem with ineligible/close responses in input. Please use 2018.1.37 or above.

There was a problem writing the STP from a QTF.  Please use 2018.1.36 or above.

There was a problem with score values being saved incorrectly in countries using comma as the decimal symbol. Please use 2018.1.32 or above.

Recent updates

Reflect replacement

QPSMR Reflect is now replaced by Companion Reflect which is also licence free.

Proportions t test

Option for t tests instead of Z tests for table row significance testing.

Tables (QTF) handling

Ability to create, update, and run tables. Output is a formatted Excel OpenXML file with a table of contents.

New licencing method

You can now install a licence attached to the user login instead of the PC name.  Needed for for diskless workstations.

Repeat same random sequence

Using named random entries you can repeat the same random order for questions or responses.

New data listings

New listing report of data by entry. Also can run data lists from a command file.

Encrypt CATI sample telephone numbers

Ability to encrypt and decrypt telephone numbers in CATI sample data files.

Combinations report

A new report of all combinations in a multi-coded entry in a selected data file.

Fifteen digit numbers

Serial numbers and integers can now be up to 15 digits.

New CATI project settings

New options to control CATI input.  Also up to 3 telephone numbers can be used for each sample.

Pre-defined tables (QTF)

Ability to run a pre-defined tables file and convert tables to Excel.

Command Language (CL)

Ability to run a CL script (STP) and convert tables to Excel

GPS coordinates

For CAPI projects GPS coordinates can be collected at start of interview.

Drill Down

Drill down (tables) now includes global settings, t-tests, Z tests and many other enhancements.

Drill down (distinction) compares samples and lists responses that are significantly different between the two samples.

You can create an analysis file (qpsmran) for others to use this facility (no licence required).

QPSMR Classic

Classic programs include Insight, CATI, Input, Telin, Reflect and CL.

Visit our Classic News page for information about the QPSMR Classic suite of programs.

See also User resources for macros to format tables.

Classic known problems

There was a problem with Reflect not reading files produced by 2018.1.  Please use Reflect 2018.2k or above.

There was a rare problem with NDBL tables using integers as the rows (not stats only).  Please use 2018.2g or above or use format DBL

There was a problem in Telin with a project with no TELNUMs. Please use 2018.1w or above.

There was a problem with Far East character sets, Please use 2018.1t or above.

A number of problems were reported with early 2018.1 versions including CATI randomisation after Add serial was used.  Please use 2018.1k or above.

Early versions of 2017.1 give a suprious duplicate C S message for card projects,  Please use 2017.1d or above.

There was a problem with Minshow (Minimum records to show on tables) affecting stats in CSV tables output. Please use 2015.2b or above.

If you have pre 2013.2 Classic Unicode projects you should open them and [File] [Reopen as old Classic Unicode project] and then [Save].

Classic recent updates

Repeat random order

Using named random entries you can repeat the same order for question groups or response lists. Set in the Companion.

Winsock link to PDS or dialler

Telin can now comminicate with a predictive dialler, see Winsock dialler connection.


Format ILE extended to give percentiles.