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QTF Layout

At file start:

C A [name] header Name and header text
C A B definition Filter definition
C A D datafile Data file names (one for each file)
C A F footer Footer
C A N New style filters
C A O formats Format settings
C A W weight Respondent weight
C A X C 2 controls CSV out
G Global sig test levels show
    H Hide return to contents
I Info lines
    J Join markers to figures
L Column identifier row
M Markers alongside figures
N No TXT output
R Round numbers
    S Suppress XLSX output
C A X S controls Single sheet for CSV tables
T Together as single sheet
E Each table separate
C A X X controls XTABML out
N No TXT output
R Round numbers
C F project Project that created this file

In tables

K B B Table start
K N [name] title Table name and title text
K T type Table type
C {obsolete}
D Standard table
G Grid table
M Manip table
S Stats only table
K L level Level
K H [name] (#bank) text Column name and text (optional bank column)
K G H Column header for grid table    
K U F C show Filter as columns S show always
K V [name] (max) text Row name and text (optional max rows)
K U F R show Filter as rows S show always
K O formats Format options
K Y definition Filter definition
K D text Filter text
K W weight Quantity weight
K F footnote Footnote text
K A definition Table arithmetic definition
K E E Table end


M T syntax CL syntax for tables stage
M M syntax CL syntax for manip stage