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Analysis user guide

This section shows examples of the Companion main window and some associated dialog boxes:

The data summary dialog box is used to get a "top line" or "frequency" count from a data file. This dialog box allows you to display summary reports and print them. Reports can include:


Entry list - this shows a list of entries with the entry text. By selecting an entry from the list you can obtain a list of the various answers given to the question, with a count of the number of times each answer appears in the data.

Selected entry counts, which shows:

Count - the number of questionnaires with this response

Extra - the count as a percentage of the base for this question

Text - the response number followed by the response text

Options - you can select one or more entries in the list and set zero row suppress and percentages cumulative.

The report file type dialog box enables you to select the type of output for the requested report (HTML, for use with an internet browser or XML, for use with a style sheet).