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Companion Entry handling user guide

This section shows examples of the Companion main window and some associated dialog boxes:

The questions from text dialog box enables you to insert text from a document and create questions and responses from it that can be amended, if necessary, in the Entry details window.

The entry select dialog box enables you to choose entries which meet certain criteria, such as entry names and types, regular expressions, answer types and texts.

The responses block update dialog box enables you to change a number of single-coded and multi-coded questions at the same time, including adding score values and summary rows to variables.

The applied filters block update dialog box is used to alter the filters and response restrictors applied to the selected entries.

The randomize questions dialog box is used to add or remove random begin and end program entries.

The group entries dialog box enables you to choose entries to add to named groups and also to allocate a colour to each named group.

The paste special dialog boxis used to change entries as they are pasted from the clipboard into the project.

The entry rename dialog box enables you to change the name of existing entries. All references in other entries to any renamed entries will also be changed.

The entry choose dialog box appears whenever you need to choose a single entry from another dialog box. A list of all the relevant entries is shown. This is not normally every entry because only particular types of entry can be used.

The text find and replace dialog box is used to make global searches and replacements, including regular expressions, to entry texts.

The block replace dialog box enables you to do a global rename of entries on the clipboard.