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Companion Project handling user guide

This section shows examples of the Companion project handling and some associated dialog boxes:

The open existing project dialog box enables you to access a project that you have previously worked on.

The project global settings dialog box enables you to set features that will be applied to the whole project and may affect all entries:

Raw data:

Raw data storage and structure

Data locations

Other structure (job, serial, card, code order and length).

Card types.


Entry name length and case

Individual locations for responses to new questions

Paste single-coded as multi-coded

Suppress the scan before project save

Show data locations during input

Refuse input of responses with unallocated text

Use all digits for response keys

Do not export responses with unallocated text

Undefined or zero

Input needs pipe

Show question names on tables

Averages use question text

Minimum questionnaires to show on tables


Project description

Analysis title


The Data locations used dialog box will tell you if there are any duplicated or faulty data locations set.