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Companion Raw data handling user guide

This section shows examples of the Companion main window and some associated dialog boxes:

The raw data view window enables you to view and edit a data file in its raw format.  If the mouse is positioned in the data display, then intersect lines appear in the window.

The raw data treatment dialog box is used to alter the way the raw data file is read, enabling you to change file type, length and padding, create blank lines and split lines.

The raw data tidy dialog box enables you to globally fix structure errors and add (or update) all the serial numbers in the data,

The raw data hole count window showing a count of responses by data locations.

The find raw tool window is used in a raw data file to locate and replace text in a particular range of columns.

The raw CSV file view window is used to handle raw spreadsheet files.  It can view a Microsoft Excel worksheet, a simple XML file or a CSV file in its raw format.

The raw CSV file treatment dialog box is used to switch the view to another Excel worksheet, if the workbook contains more than one worksheet,  It is also used to select the separator used to delimit columns in a CSV file.

The rename columns dialog box is used to alter the heading names for the columns in a CSV file.

The delete columns dialog box is used to delete columns from the view.

The data extract dialog box is used to obtain part of the data from a CSV file. The extracted data can then be saved to another file, copied to the clipboard, or further extractions can be made.  The original file is not altered; a copy of the relevant data is used.