Skeleton projects

These skeleton QPSMR project files (QDF)can be used as the basis for new projects.  The questions to be asked need to be added to them.




CATI no sample

CATI with sample

CATI with sample and Winsock

Questionnaire prints

These XSLT files can be altered and used when printing a questionnaire draft:

Questionnaire print templates


This XSLT can be altered and used when printing a summary report:

Report summary template

Test ZZZ

Use this qpsmrinp file to test ZZZ entries using the Companion Input program.  The project used to create this input file is also incliuded.

Test start ZZZ entries

SPSS export

Use this to output data from SPSS for use with Companion or Classic.


For information about how to use these scripts please see:

Getting data from SPSS

Excel macro

Use these Microsoft Excel macros to transform CSV tables produced by QPSMR Classic products:

CSV table formatting

Tables run with the Companion are automatically format for Excel/OpenXML.

The macro here is no longer needed but is retained for ongoing projects where the output needs to be exactly the same as previous versions.

This zipped file contains three files which are used together, see the macro file for details.

Download CSV formatting Macro V16.zip

Other information

For information about how leases work:

Companion licensing

For information on weighting:


For information on the statistics and significance testing used on tables:


For information on how to handle questions or blocks of questions that are repeated in a project:

Repeat questions

Winsock connection to PDS

This is used by QPSMR Telin to request sample telephone numbers be dialled, or for numbers from a PDS (predictive dialler system) to be put through and the relevant sample record retrieved. See Winsock dialler for details