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NetMR Company Overview

NetMR Scotland Limited is a mainstream developer of cost effective and usable software for the Market Research Industry.  We support all the relevant open systems, including the triple-s standard for data transfer.

NetMR was formed in 2002, and is one of the leading specialists in Market Research analysis and supports the world-wide QPSMR software suite. The company is privately owned and has offices in Cupar, Scotland.

In 2010 the Company took over the QPSMR Classic suite of programs from Market Research Software Ltd.

Companion Software

NetMR Scotland Limited is the author of the innovative Companion Software. The software is used by research executives and data processing analysts. The Companion software runs under all recent variants of Windows, and import/export facilities are available to transfer data and meta-data to and from other software.

We are constantly improving and updating the Companion to keep abreast of modern developments in research techniques and open standards.

NetMR Management

Andrew & Jennifer Collins, Directors Ros Biggs, Director

Jennifer Collins & Andrew Collins MMRS                       Ros Biggs

Professional Bodies

Andrew Collins is a member of:

Market Research Society (MRS)

European Society of Marketing and Research (ESOMAR)

DUNS identification number

NetMR Scotland Limited's Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) identification number is 21-965-5293.

Company number

NetMR Scotland Limited is registered in Scotland and the Company number is 460166.

VAT number

The VAT number for NetMR Scotland Limited is GB 175 7285 72.