Our products use Market Research standards for data file storage and support the public triple-s XML standard for data transfer.

The QPSMR Companion

The Companion is a Windows program which uses the Microsoft .Net Framework.

The Companion has some useful facilities listed below that can be used without a licence:

Produce tables

You can produce tables using the drill down facility.

The data can be supplied as a .qpsmran file.

Enter data

For paper and CAPI projects you can enter data using a supplied .qpsmrinp file.

There is a separate program for those who only need to enter data.

triple-s XML

You can inspect and export triple-s data.

QPSMR project

From a QDF with a corresponding raw data file you can inspect and export the data.

Raw data file view

You can view any standard market research raw data file.

The program is available for free download from this website and the above facilities can be used without a licence.

For more information on the free facilities in the latest release, see the News page.

Licensed users

In order to use many of the facilities within the program you need a licence.  This is a small XML file that is emailed to you and is installed on the computer with the Companion tools menu.  Please see the dealers page for companies that can issue a licence.

The Companion is still under construction but already has many facilities that complement and enhance the facilities in the Classic QPSMR products.

Project set-up

The Companion has much improved facilities for creating and editing QDF files.  Whenever you open a QDF a thorough check is performed.

Data handling

You can enter data for paper and CAPI projects. Data files can combined and exported.

Data listing has many options and the output format can be saved and reused.


Weighting data in the Companion is easy to use and has no restrictions of the number of targets or rims.

Data analysis

Summary reports, data drill down tables and distinction analyses, and tables setups can be produced.

Extended        licensed users

These have extra facilities useful for large or complex projects, see extended Companion.


The full program can be downloaded and installed on any Microsoft Windows computer.  You will also need a licence to use most of the program, or an extended licence to use all of the program.

Download Companion

The program will install with a help file and context help is accessible via the F1 key.  The PDF manual can also be downloaded here.  It should not be copied without permission from the authors.

Companion manual

The manual for the Companion is also available online.