Below is a brief description of the NetMR programs.  For further information, please go to User resources.

QPSMR Companion

The Companion is a Windows program for Market Research that uses the latest .Net Framework for speedy and reliable results.

QPSMR Companion information

Extended Companion

There is an extended version with some specialised facilities, at a small extra cost, see the extended Companion section.

QPSMR Classic menu

The Classic suite of programs have been tried and tested over many years, and are the first choice for Market Research professionals who want to use CATI entry and analyse questionnaires, using a Windows menu system.

QPSMR Classic products

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The Command language is one of the leading scripting systems for cleaning data and producing tabulations from Market Research data.

QPSMR Classic products

Free to use facilities

The functions listed below do not need a licence:

Companion Input

You can download the QPSMR Companion Input program and enter data using a .qpsmrin file for paper and CAPI projects.

Using the main Companion program

You can download the QPSMR Companion program and:

Drill down

Using a .qpsmran file, produce quality tables in Excel and Run Distinction analyses.

CSV tables

Convert CSV tables to formatted Excel with a table of contents

triple-s XML support

Read a triple-s XML file and:

  • View all the questions and related texts
  • View summary counts from the data
  • Make a CL script (STP)
  • Make a Quantum script
  • Make an SPSS syntax (SPS)

QPSMR project

Using a supplied QDF (and data) you have the same facilities as above for handling triple-s XML files.

View raw data files

You can view raw data files in the following formats:

  • Fixed format character (ASC)
  • Comma separated value (CSV)
  • Binary:
    • NetMR, QPSMR style (CBA)
    • Quantum style (CBE)
    • IBM 360 style (CBI)
  • A single level XML file
  • View CSV data on the clipboard

Companion features with a licence:

In addition to the features in the previous column users with a relevant licence can:

Set up a QPSMR project (QDF):

Create and update complete project master files.

Print questionnaires

Produce a HTML file with the questionnaire details in a variety of formats.

Handle data files

  • View, check and edit raw data files
  • View check and edit data files as questions, including verbatim answers
  • Import CSV and spreadsheet data
  • Export and list data
  • Hand-over data from one project to another
  • Combine data files
  • Merge data files

Weight data

Calculate weights using any number of entries and responses as rims or targets using values and percentages.

Full feature list

For a complete list of features in the latest release, see the Web manual, functionality section.