This section deals with questions that are repeated in a project


Repeat questions or blocks of questions are often found in product tests.

Where large sections of the questionnaire are repeated the project is sometimes called a trailer survey.

The analysis of questions that are repeated causes a lot problems to users.  The same table can be produced in a variety of ways and it is often not clear which is required.

It is important to understand the implications of the various ways produce tables on repeat questions:

Overview to repeat question analysis

Analysis and export

If a block of questions is repeated in a project then once the first repeat is set up it is easy to "Copy" and "Paste special" to duplicate it.

For more guidance on setting up the project see:

Repeat questions set up

For projects where a set of questions are repeated for different products:

Overlay tables for repeated questions

For product tests it is sometimes necessary to have each product in a fixed place in the data, even though the questionnaire has the products in different places:

De-rotate repeated questions


For QPSMR Reflect you may wish to add levels to the data using QPSMR CL:

Levels in Reflect

Where there are a lot of repeated questions which make overlaying tables impractical you can split records with QPSMR CL so that each repeat becomes a new record:

How to split data records

If there are too many repeats then the survey can be treated as a traditional trailer survey using QPSMR CL.